Burmese cats for sale. Burmese kittens for sale in the wintertime.

Kittens occasionally for sale
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Burmese kittens for sale

We usualy have kittens for sale during the winter period. If you are interested please contact me and get signed up on my waiting list. Most often it is only those who are on the this list who get a kitten from Why forget cattery.

I have bred European Burmese since 1986. I have weighted the health, quality and temperament. Why forget cattery started with Persian cats way back in 1985. Soon after my former husband introduced me to the Burmese cats. Ever since then they have been a part of my household.

Preview of the first European Burmese here.

The Burmese cats are quite easy to breed and very easy to find permanent homes for. Once a potential buyer has entered the house it is quite certain that they go home with a kitten. Simply because Burmese cats just love to sit on the lap and cuddle. The vast majority want the what their pet cat is such sweet minded and playful baby.

I have exhibited my cats from the very beginning of my breeding career. You can not cheat with a Burmese cat at shows. They can not hide anything behind a huge coat. The Burmese cats are just the way they are and the standard points out everything for you – then it is up to you and the jugde, to jugde if the Burmese cat on the table look more or less like written in the standard. Perhaps the coat can be trimmed a bit and they can be trained to sit nicely on your arm and the table, but they can not hide any faults behind a big fluffy coat.

At the shows can you meet potential buyers, and also a lot of people with an interest in European Burmese. Here all topics related to cats are aired and discussed.

Find Burmese kittens for sale in Denmark.


You've found the Why forget Burmese cattery website where you can get a small introduction to my Burmese cat breed. The first Burmese I bred was named Ch. Katten i Sækkens Bandlyst i Bøvelse. A very nice lilac Burmese cat. She was bred by my ex-husband and thus a kitten from the house.

My vision and mission

Why forget aim to breed healthy, European Burmese for the Danish population and to all seriously working burmese breeders round the world. Sametime I will raise awareness of Burmese cat breed.
I have always sought to publicize the Burmese breed alongside that I have bred to highlight the particular characteristics of this particular breed. I'm heading towards to keep up to date with developments in cat shows, but primarily in the ever-expanding mapping of hereditary diseases within cat breeds in general.
Starting with the current knowledge, I cross cats with the purpose to breed healthy, sweet and beautiful European Burmese cats.
I will do my best to information of my kitten buyers so they get the best cat and to guide them if they want to breed one or more litters, based in my cats.

Burmese cats are available in 10 colors: Brown, blue, chocolate and lilac. In addition, in red and cream and the derived torties. We mainly breed brown, blue, chocolate and lilac.
No matter what coat colour they have they are all Burmese cats!

Burmese cats for sale

We live in Liseleje on the north coast of the Danish island Zealand, 60 minutes north of Copenhagen and 7 minutes north of Frederiksvaerk. We live near the beach and have the most beautiful scenery just around the corner.

You are always welcome to call us and talk about European Burmese. Call: 0045-20844790. Please call between 7 and 9 pm Danish time if possible. Map: Liseleje, Badebyen på nordkysten.

Gallery and pictures of my previous litters: See previous litters.

Why a Burmese kitten?

When you take contact please tell me if you are a breeder, if you have or have had Burmese cats.
I will be pleased to help if I can. If I do not have kittens my self I might be able to connect you to an other Danish breeder how have kittens or are about to get some.

Burmese kittens for sale

Best regards

Heidi Rosberg


ContaCt: Heidi Rosberg. 3360 Liseleje.
Tlf. 0045 20 844 790. Mail: whyforget@burmesecats.dk